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What is NutriFusion™


NutriFusion™ Background:


NutriFusion™ is an exciting new product that has a very unique and proprietary technology for nutritional supplements and food products. Essentially, the technology provides a means to produce shelf stable phytonutrient powder made from fruits and vegetables. The product is full of all natural nutritional and phytonutrient values and is infinitely superior to synthetic vitamins.


The Technology:


The Food Guide Pyramid published by the U.S. Department of agriculture states that a healthy diet requires an average consumption of 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily. This is the equivalent of approximately 5 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit. Current recommendations from the American Institute for Cancer Research and the American Heart Association are almost double these amounts. Research shows that consumption of fruits and vegetables is decreasing, and diets high in fat, animal protein and carbohydrates are increasing.


1.      NutriFusion™ is a powder that contains the essential nutrients and phytochemicals found in the skin, peel, and flesh of whole fruits and vegetables. The NutriFusion powder can be applied to nutritional supplements and food products.


2.      NutriFusion™ is a technology composed of all natural, plant derived ingredients. Through molecular bonding, NutriFusion™ technology prevents degradation of the natural vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals contained within fruits and vegetables by oxidation, storage, transportation, and preparation. This is unique!


3.      NutriFusion™ technology is focused upon the retention of the nutrients, minerals, and phytonutrients contained within the fruits and/or vegetables selected. This technology is necessary if those nutrients and phytonutrients are to be preserved and retained.


4.      NutriFusion™ is a relatively inexpensive, all natural product offering a nutritional profile from fruits and vegetables. NutriFusion’s™ patent pending coating technology provides a superior nutrient composition for fruits and vegetables.


Why NutriFusion™ is so important to the nutritional supplement market:


Food State Nutrition


1.      Vitamins or minerals based on food are 100% assimilated into the body. This is called Food State Nutrition. The NutriFusion products are absorbed into the body because they are a food with its own co-enzyme.


2.      Artificial or synthetic vitamins are poorly assimilated. Typically, the body is only able to absorb 10 to 12% of the synthetic chemical. The balance is passed from the body as waste.

Food state nutrients are bioavailable:
In providing the basic nutrient along with foods that are rich in that nutrient, the supplement can supply all the micronutrients and co-enzymes that the food contains, which help the body to absorb the main nutrient more effectively.

The complexity of whole food, and the balance and content of micronutrients cannot be matched by isolated extracts or fractions of food (as in synthetic vitamins).

For example, in the case of vitamin C, a food state supplement would contain ascorbic acid complexed from real oranges and apples (all vitamin C rich foods). Research has shown that substances known as bioflavonoids protect and support the assimilation of vitamin C; they also have benefits in their own right.

Bioflavonoids, and the many other lesser-known micronutrients, are not present in artificial supplements and are not as bio-available.

The higher bioavailability of vitamins and minerals in the food state form means that much lower doses of the nutrients are required to get beneficial effects. This means there is less wastage of nutrients and much less chance of excess fat-soluble nutrient build-up.

Food state nutrients contain natural co-enzymes, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, chelated amino acids as well as nutrients and their associated nutrient co-factors.

Isolated synthetic nutrients contain only isolated chemical nutrients (and may include artificial colorings, flavorings and sugar).

Food changes: 1937 to 1987

Unfortunately, the foods available today are much lower in vitamins and minerals than the same foods were fifty years ago. We know this to be true, as studies measured nutrient content of vegetables and fruits in 1936 and the same measurements were taken again in 1987. In some cases, nutrient levels have halved.

This is largely due to the use of modern farming techniques, in particular the indiscriminate use of artificial fertilizers, which deplete the soil of mineral content.

Mimicking the complexity of real food

Food state nutrients contain real food. The nutrient is bio-available, and therefore more readily absorbed by the body.

The microscopic images below clearly show the difference between a food state and a standard synthetic or chemical nutrient. The food state nutrient is clearly more complex than the crystalline form of the chemical nutrient. This complexity is akin to the complexity of real food.

The nutritional status of our body is dependent on 4 things:

  • Our food choices
  • The nutrient content of the food we eat
  • The ability of our individual bodies to assimilate nutrients
  • Environmental influences that give rise to extra nutrient needs, or interfere with absorption and/or uptake of certain groups of nutrients.


Food State Vitamin C

 Magnified 100 times

Synthetic Vitamin C

 Magnified 100 times


Food State Vitamin


 Magnified 300 times


Synthetic Vitamin


 Magnified 300 times


Photos from the Daily Foods® product guide





NutriFusion™ Advantages:


1.      High Nutritional Output:

2.      High Bioabsorption: Studies confirm that the complete vitamin nutrient complex from fruits and vegetables are more readily absorbed into the body, whereas the synthetic isolated counterparts are not retained and thus eliminated by the body.

3.      Convenient: Simple and convenient method to add the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables into a person’s daily diet, without altering their eating habits. (75% of Americans do not eat sufficient fruits and vegetables.

4.      Economical: Compared to purchasing and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables.


Competitive Products:


  • There are no direct competitive products to NutriFusion!
  • However, there are products that claim to deliver the phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • This is simply not true! Without the ability to produce shelf stable phytonutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, competitive products degrade quickly and have no value or are supplemented with synthetic vitamins.

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